Become a 6-figure Turnaround Growth & Scale to Exit Specialist

The fastest growing area of expertise on the business landscape

Be an expert not a generalist

There are literally hundreds thousands of business advisors, coaches and consultants out there, all preaching the same narrative which is why 90% of people in the business development sector suffer struggle to gain a constant flow of quality clients…

To stand out from the crowd, you’ve simply got to become a 'specialist' with a narrative and proposition that speaks to a very specific type of business owner who has a very specific desire and as a result will engage with you immediately because they genuinely want your help and guidance.

If you are to build a lifestyle advisory business that genuinely creates a 6 figure+ income on your terms, I think it's clear you’re going to have to raise your game to be seen as a specialist in your field, someone who has the skill set and connections to turn their business around, grow it at scale and in most cases build their business to a profitable exit.

The business landscape has entered a new phase, where Exit specialist's are 'rare' and in high demand,

This truly is the opportunity of the 2020's...

The 3 biggest challenges facing everyone in the personal business development sector are:

Finding high level clients

Who are hungry for your expertise

Complete & Total Confidence

to charge your true value

Business & Sales Playbooks

that achieve increased revenues fast

The business world has had a massive influx of “want to be” business coaches and consultants over the last 10 years, all competing for 'business owners who wants to grow their business’ !!

The trouble is business owners are not looking for a business coach and they’ve become skeptical of all these people who now call themselves a ‘mentor’ despite never having built a business, which is why the vast majority of people who've spent a considerable amount of their time, energy and money setting up shop as a coach or consultant can’t make their expertise business pay…

If this sounds familiar, chances are you’re

Tired of feeling like you’re pushing up hill.

Frustrated because you don’t know what to do next.

Constantly anxious about your future.

Find yourself procrastinating about prospecting for business.

Ready to find a fresh new direction.

Ready to start earning serious money from your business life…

You are not alone, it’s not your fault, you really can turn this around and much quicker than you think…

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Your future success lays in your becoming a highly focused specialist in your field, a person whose expertise is highly valued because there are genuinely very few people in the business world who have the knowledge to take a struggling business through it's glass ceiling and turn its situation around, grow it fast and in many cases scale its value to sell the business for the highest possible return…

It's time to train and become a Turnaround, Growth & Scale to Exit specialist

So where exactly 'is' the opportunity of the 2020's?

The clock is ticking for thousands of baby boomers who are now in their late 50’s to early 70’s.

Typically they've built a lifestyle business over the last 10-30 years and while they have a business that gives them a decent income, the last few years have been a rollercoaster since the pandemic and then the economic down turn!!

They’re now feeling tired and wondering how they are going to find the energy and mindset to turn their business back into an income generator while competing in marketplaces that are more competitive than they’ve ever been…

They need an injection of inspiration, a fresh perspective, new ideas and for many, a way to rebuild the business so that they can sell up and retire within the next few years!

This is your opportunity to become a sought after TGSE specialist

 Business owners

Don’t know how to Turn around and Grow their business.

Don’t know how to Scale the ‘value’ of their business to an Exit event

Don’t know why they should begin engineering the sale 2 years in advance.

Don’t know who to target to get the best possible price for their business.

Clearly the pandemic has hurt a massive number of businesses across the entire business landscape, which is why there has never been a better time to hone your skills as a Turnaround, Growth & Scale to Exit specialist.

The vast majority of business coaches, consultants and advisors have no experience or training in ‘how’ to turn a business around, how to blitz scale a business or prepare it for sale to gain the highest possible value for a business owner, which is why this is genuinely the opportunity of the 2020's

You are in the right place at the right time to leverage the moment and become a highly sought-after specialist with the capacity to generate a substantial income for you and your family.

It’s time to

Stop chasing the crowded marketplace.

Gain the skills that will make you a true specialist.

Begin earning your true value.

Become the person, you were always destined to be & the expert the business community so desperately needs right now.

You have virtually unlimited earning potential

John Kettley’s been building businesses to sale for over 4 decades and teaching people how to replicate his methods since 2009 when he founded the Sales Master’s Guild (SMG) entrepreneur training academy.

Over the last 14 years we've learned that without exception the biggest challenge is not the core business strategies that business owners are running, it’s a lack of clarity of what it is that they are ultimately reverse engineering, which is why we teach all of our TGSS specialists’ elegant methods to reveal what a business owner really wants as their ultimate goal.

On the Turnaround, Growth & Scale to Sale training you’ll learn

How to quickly find the right type of clients easily.

How to easily convert a conversation into high-value business.

How to identify where a business is losing money.

A method for restructuring the entire company.

How to quickly increase sales & income revenues.

How to increase the valuation of a business.

How to find a buyer for a business at the right price.

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