The art of negotiation

How to close more business easily & effortlessly

The perfect course to accelerate your personal income in the shortest possible time.

Let's Make More Sales - Just £149

Sales is the lifeblood of every business!

In this comprehensive course filmed in a 1-day live sales and negotiation workshop you'll have a front
row seat with John Kettley as he teaches the art of negotiation at a level few people ever experience.

You'll learn how people think and respond to what you say and how to gain rapport with almost anyone
within minutes of meeting them and how to effortlessly and elegantly take a conversation through to closing a deal in one sitting.

The 3 biggest challenges to creating more sales:

Finding clients

Who are hungry for your expertise.  Learning to network, have conversations and know when to get into a sales conversation is the key.


60% of customers say no four times before saying yes whereas 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow up attempt.

A Playbook

Only through knowing your sales conversion numbers can you truly begin to grow your business. 

During This Course You'll Learn:

How to read people quickly.

How to get into comfortable conversation with anyone in minutes.

How to find out exactly what they really want.

How to easily & effortlessly turn the conversation to business.

How to put a deal together that is a no brainer for the new client.

You'll wish you had done this course years ago when you discover just how easy selling can be when you use all of the methods you'll learn!! .

While this course will give you every tool you'll ever need to do more business it will only be of value if you practice and use the methods on a regular basis...

I’ve been mentoring Business owners to achieve the success they seek for over a decade now.

We’ve learned that without exception the biggest challenge is not just the core business strategies it’s in helping them to become clear about what their master plan is ,which is why we teach all of our TGSS specialists’ elegant methods to reveal what a business owner really wants.

John Kettley’s been building businesses to sale for over 4 decades and teaching people how to replicate his methods since 2009 when he founded the Sales Master’s Guild entrepreneur training academy.

A Step-By Step Training

Through the Art of Negotation and Closing a Deal 




I’ve attended several workshops ran by John and they were AMAZING! He has this ability of taking what feels like really complicated business stuff, takes it apart and explains in very simple terms how it works. I found it mind-blowing, every time I see John, he challenges the way I think again and again. .

Natasha Lancaster

Virtual PA

I have read John's book and attended his workshops and have always had a lightbulb moment and been inspired. John is very clear and focused and has a genuine desire to help others to succeed.


Sarah Jones

Business consultant, trainer and coach

I have been working with John for some years now. During that time, John has been an inspiration. He is highly creative and really understands business and sales in particular, with John's help, I’m really gaining traction.


James Davey

Business Mentor